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Toronto Landlords TRITON Credit Checks

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toronto landlords credit checks TRITION

Toronto landlords can join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Registration Fee & Start Running Credit Checks for Only $9.95/Check From The Leading Background Check Provider In Canada – TRITON!

It used to be you could rely on a handshake or a good chat with your potential tenant and decide to rent to them. The harsh reality is those days are over.

These days stories of landlords who didn’t screen property are over the news. For example, the Toronto Sun reported on a “Deadbeat Tenant Who Left the Landlord $32,000 In The Hole.”  This just one of so many stories we are hearing these days.

Make Sure You Choose The Right Tenant

Experienced and successful landlords know renting to a tenant that pays on time and respects you and your rental property is the key to success.

These good tenants lead to a win-win situation for both sides. You provide a high quality home for them and in turn they pay on time time and follow your lease agreement.

As they pay you rent and take care of your property your investment appreciates in price. When your tenants decide to move you can either re-rent or sell for large profits.

Success Or Failure Is Determined By Your Tenant Screening (Before you hand over the keys)

As soon as your tenants move in they have all the power. If you rent to good tenants, that’s fine. However, if you rent to “players” or “professional tenants” it can be a nightmare.

If a tenant doesn’t pay rent or damages your rental property it will take at least six months to get an eviction Hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board. You will then have to hire the Sheriff to do the physical eviction which can add months of extra non-payment of rent.

Great Tenants Trust Landlords Who Use TRITON For Tenant Screening

Many great tenants are becoming wary of small landlords running credit checks. There have been many shady small start up companies that abused tenants who provided their information to them.

From secret bad tenant lists, to allowing defamatory comments and other shady practices, the best tenants out there want to make sure they are protected.

Run TRITON Credit Checks For Success

TRITON credit checks give you tremendous information to allow you to make the right decision.

You can put your tenant applicants at ease by telling them you are using TRITON. They can go online and see you, their potential landlord, is using a background company that is the leading company in Canada and protects them and their data.

Why We Recommend TRITON

-TRITON has over 50 years of experience in running background checks in Canada.

-TRITON offers services that ensures you, the landlord, and your tenants are protected.

-TRITON credit checks are based on real data from Transunion that you can trust

-TRITON is the leading background check company in Canada and also provides checks for Mcdonalds, Uber, Ontario provincial government, Bell and more!


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