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Review of Ontario Landlords Association PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP

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Despite our efforts to educate the new PC government they will not help residential landlords.

The Ontario Landlords Association created a huge TAKE ACTION campaign to educate the PC government of Doug Ford on the need to change the rules to protect Ontario small landlords on the issue of the legalization of marijuana in Canada. 

It was interesting that the corporate landlords were silent and didn’t join the campaign. It’s a mystery why the large multi-millionaire corporate landlords go along with anti-landlord rules, and have done so for years. Perhaps they have low vacancies and are happy to scare competition away (as who will invest in Ontario under this crazy rules?!)

The Ontario Landlords Association Is Helping Landlords Deal With Legal Marijuana

OLA marijuana cd

Since we are receiving no help from the province, landlords are “on our own”.

Fortunately the Ontario Landlords Association has created a very helpful hour long CD created by experienced landlords and property managers. These are experts with “skin in the game” because they are landlords and know what works “in theory” and what works “in reality.” The Ontario Landlords Association Marijuana CD is excellent.

This CD is a comprehensive review of the situation Toronto landlords face. It also provided many ‘Tips and Tricks’ that veteran landlords and property managers have learned over decades of owning and managing residential properties in Ontario.

Review of Ontario Landlords Association Protection Membership

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With landlords facing so many challenges these days the OLA has created a new level of membership called Landlord Protection Membership that offers amazing tools and services…and for a low one time registration fee.

As the Ontario Landlords Association is a community group of landlords, many who reply on the rent each month to pay their grocery bills, they work hard to help others. It’s all about helping fellow residential property owners succeed. 

For a low one time registration fee you get access to incredible education and big discounts on key services such as credit checks, criminal checks, insurance, property management software and lots more.

The educational materials not only cover cannabis, but the clauses you need to include to protect yourself with the Ontario Standard Lease

Review of the Ontario Landlords Association Protection Membership

It really is an amazing deal! You get more services and discounts than ever before. Make a small investment to help protect your rental business.

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