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Toronto Landlords – Landlord #7 Is Trying to Evict Nightmare Tenant Nina Willis

June 4th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Credit Checks, Landlord Solutions, Ontario Landlord Credit Check, Ontario Landlords, Toronto Landlords

 Toronto Landlords - Landlord #7 Is Trying to Evict Nightmare tenant Nina Willis

A Scarborough Landlord Is the Latest Victim of a Tenant From Hell

Landlords all over the province are on high alert after reading about the latest landlord victim from the “Tenant From Hell”.

The report is from Metro News.

It’s about a tenant who they call a “tenant from Hell” because she is now at landlord #7 to cheat and cause financial destruction using and manipulating the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

It’s also been reported at the Toronto Star.

And the Ontario Landlords Association has an editorial and a warning for Ontario landlords.

How To Rent To Good Tenants

We wrote before at the Toronto Landlords site about the importance of good tenant screening.

The majority of tenants out there are good and honest people.

They want to rent from you and will be good tenants.

What Is A Good Tenant?

You want to rent to these people, and they are the majority. They are decent people who want a safe, well-maintained and affordable home.

Even BC landlords have written about the challenges of finding good tenants.

And Alberta landlords are also now discussing the importance of renting from great tenants and avoiding the ‘professional tenants’ out there who want to rip off small landlords.

So what makes a good tenant?

1. They Want To Rent From Good Landlords

These good tenants want to rent from landlords who know the laws according to the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act and do things like give proper notice when making repairs.

2. Good Tenants Pay Rent On Time

These good tenants appreciate you and your Toronto rental property and will make sure they pay rent on time.

3. These Good Tenants Take Care of the Property

These tenants will move the lawn, shovel the drive-way and treat the property like they own it.

4. These Will Contact You If There Are Issues You Need To Take Care Off

Good tenants will call you if they see issues with the rental property.

For example, if there is a hint of mold they will call you so you can deal with it in the early stages.

5. Good Tenants Will Provide Proper Notice When Moving Out

Many Ontario landlords have emailed us complaining of tenants breaking the lease and moving with less than proper notice.

Good tenants read the rules and will fulfil their lease an provide proper notice so you can be ready to re-rent to new good tenants.

How Can I Rent To Good Toronto Tenants?

“Tenant From Hell” Nina Willis is now manipulation the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board to live rent free while her Scarborough landlord is facing no rent, damages to the property, legal bills, and a huge amount of stress and frustration.

Don’t Become The Tenant From Hell’s Next Landlord Victim!

Whether you are an Ottawa Landlord, a Hamilton landlord or a Landlord with properties anywhere in the province, the advice is the same.

Make sure you screen your tenants carefully and always include a tenant credit check on the tenants (all of them who will rent the unit) before signing the lease and handing over the keys!

Check out the site Ontario Landlord Credit Check as it has great advice on the important of tenant screening.

Toronto Landlords – Find Great Tenants and Avoid the Tenants From Hell

Make Sure You Do A Tenant Credit Check On All Tenants Before Renting To Them.

Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a One-Time Registration Fee and Start Doing Premium Credit Checks For Only $10/Check!

Invest $10 to Make Sure You Rent To Great Tenants!

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