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Toronto Landlords: Is It a Good Idea To Give Christmas Gifts To Your Renters?

December 16th, 2013 · No Comments · Toronto Landlords, Toronto tenants

 Toronto landlords do you give tenants Christmas gifts

Many times the only contact landlords have with their tenants is if they have to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

And we know it’s important to have a good relationship with your tenants considering it can take months to evict a bad tenant and cost you thousands of dollars along the way.

Some landlords swear giving gifts is a great way to create strong relations with your tenants while others disagree

You remember when you were a kid how great it was to see another present for you added under the tree.

Even as an adult most of us appreciate when someone gives us an unexpected gift.  It could be from your neighbor, a relative who you haven’t seen for a while or even a co-worker or boss.

What about giving gifts to your good tenants?

It’s a question that was recently asked at the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

Landlord Carole Says Yes

A Hamilton landlord named Carole said most of her tenants are on fixed incomes.

Her tenants pay rent on time (and some even regularly pay early) and she buys gifts to show her appreciation.

As her tenants are on fixed incomes Carole knows her tenants don’t have the extra funds to treat themselves to something special. So she goes to Costco and buys cookie and chocolate baskets for her tenants.

The baskets look good, taste great, and only cost $20 each. Her experience is her tenants really like them and appreciate their landlord showing class and generosity.

Carole says when she gives her tenants gives she was “thanked with hugs and big smiles from each one.”

She says her tenants are very good to her and her properties so she wants to “make sure they know that we appreciate that about them too.”

Niagara Falls Landlord Says No

A landlord in Niagara Falls doesn’t give gifts to his tenants.

He says he doesn’t see a need to.

He is a professional landlord and his tenants are already rewarded with well maintained properties and a service-oriented landlord.

Another landlord in British Columbia says many of his tenants don’t even celebrate Christmas and would find it weird if he gave them gifts.

It Is a Good Idea To Give Christmas Gifts To Your Good Tenants?

There’s no set and firm opinion. It depends on you and how you feel you can best deal with your tenants.

You can join in the discussion at the Landlord Forum and even vote for what you think is the best option.

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