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Toronto Landlords and Small Claims Court (what to do after your tenant moves out!)

September 12th, 2013 · No Comments · Landlord Rights

 Toronto landlords go to small claims court after reading the Ontario Landlords Association homepage

Being A Successful Toronto Landlord Means Being Kind, Professional, Having a Great Property … and Always Prepared (even for Small Claims Court)

We live in a great city.

Just today at the opening of the new burger restaurant Wahlburgers, owner and Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg said this about our lovely city

It’s the “the most interesting city in the world!”

If you don’t immediately recognize the name Mark Wahlberg think of the classic movie ‘Boogie Nights”, his “Good Vibrations” super hit (under the name Marky Mark in the early 1990’s) or even the, um, not bad remake of Planet of the Apes in 2001.

Toronto Is Interesting

Our city is interesting. It’s even more interesting if you are a residential landlord in the city.

There is a huge number of excellent tenants here.

We have already provided some advice on how to attract these great tenants and generate interesting in your rental property. 

See:  How To Find Great Tenants? One Landlord Gives an iPad If You Rent One Of His Units

Lots of Good Tenants and Lots of Bad Tenants Out Here Too

Let’s be frank. While the majority of tenants in Toronto are good rule abiding people, there are also some not so good tenants.

Some people refer them to Tenants from Hell. They are out there.

We would prefer to call them ‘bad apples’ if that’s okay.

What Can You Do If Your Tenant Leaves You Owing Rent Or Has Damaged Your Property?

This is a great question.

Most people will say you need to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

For tenants who have moved out and have issues with their former landlord this is, in fact, the way to go.

Landlords Can’t Use the Landlord and Tenant Board

In another example of the unfairness for landlords under the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, after a tenant moves out the landlord can’t go to the LTB.

Only tenants can. Yes, really.

So What Can A Landlord Do?

If you are the landlord you have to go to Small Claims Court.

Many people find the idea of going to Court very intimidating.

Fortunately there is an amazing story at the Ontario Landlords Association.

The story is about an OLA member describes his experience at a ‘Settlement Conference’ at Small Claims Court.

It’s great reading for all landlords.

Make sure you don’t miss it!

To Discuss This And Other Landlord Issues Go To the Ontario Landlord Forum

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